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Brandon High School Football

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Brandon High School
Alma mater

by Philip Mook - Class of `49

Hail to this, our Alma Mater, hail to Brandon High As the eagle soars to greatness, 'neath its wings we fly.

Many you have led to greatness, through your halls so bright, Many others still are striving to attain this height.

Many too have heard the summons to the home above; As they backward look upon you they recall your love.

As your progress is recorded, your fame will never die Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Hail to Brandon High.

2014 Varsity Football

2014 Junior Varsity Football

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John Wooden's Pyramid of Success


This season the Brandon Eagles are being introduced to the amazing wisdom and philosophies of legendary coach John Wooden. He developed the model for personal and team excellence beginning as a 24-year old high school English teacher and culminating as one of, if not the best college basketball coaches. The Wizard of Westwood won 10 National Championships in 12 years, including a record 7 national titles in a row. He was at the helm of the UCLA Bruins for 27 years; his resume includes an amazing 88-game winning streak and an won-loss record of 664–162 (.804).

The Pyramid of Success began as a heartfelt exercise on to help his students learn and to guide his players to become their best on and off the court.

Brandon High School Coach Isaac Anderson is leading the team's research and review of the model that produced one of the greatest sports dynasties ever.

Coach Anderson encourages all to take a moment to review the Pyramid of Success and apply it to what you do each day to make you a better person, employee, employer, coach, teammate, friend and family member.

The official site of Coach Wooden

Audio clip of Coach Wooden discussing his Pyramid of Success

PDF Version of the Pyramid of Success


Coach James Grant announced the Eagle 1,000 Pound Club from the 2014 off-season's Strength & Conditioning program.

The total pound count is a sum of maximum lifts for the bench press, squat, power clean & military Press

Peter Bryant (class of 2016) - 1,090 pounds
Bench - 265 / Squat - 400 / Power Clean - 218 / Military Press - 207

Nicholas Summitt (class of 2015) - 1,090 pounds
Bench - 265 / Squat - 400 / Power Clean - 247 / Military Press - 178

Jamal Aekins (class of 2015) - 1,089 pounds

Bench - 290 / Squat - 400 / Power Clean - 231 / Military Press - 168

John Middel (class of 2015) - 1,025 pounds
Bench - 247 / Squat - 400 / Power Clean - 224 / Military Press - 154

Dakota Trice (class of 2017) - 1,024 pounds

Bench - 247 / Squat - 400 / Power Clean - 231 / Military Press -146

Joe Tkacs (class of 2015) - 1,019 pounds
Bench - 239 / Squat - 400 / Power Clean - 206 / Military Press - 174

Derrick Cromartie (class of 2016) - 1,014 pounds
Bench - 250 / Squat - 400 / Power Clean - 195 / Military Press - 169

Angelo Taogaga (class of 2016) - 1,011 pounds
Bench - 290 / Squat - 333 / Power Clean - 211 / Military Press - 177

Robert Shafar (class of 2015) - 1,006 pounds
Bench - 265 / Squat - 400 / Power Clean - 172 / Military Press - 169

Javian Hernandez (class of 2016) - 1,000 pounds
Bench - 231 / Squat - 400 / Power Clean - 200 / Military Press - 169


Become a member of the Eagles

If you are a new student to Brandon High School (transfer or incoming freshman) you must complete an Application for Athletic Participation.

All Applications for Athletic Participation (AAP) will expire at the conclusion of the academic year.

All athletes must complete a NEW AAP packet to participate on school athletic teams (inclusive of Strength & Conditioning but not summer camps) – these forms are required by the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) and School District of Hillsborough County (SDHC) Athletic Department.

Academic Eligibility - All student athletes must have a cumulative 2.0 un-weighted GPA, based upon the previous semester.

All students who have transferred high schools after September 11, 2012 must complete the Request for Appeal of Athletic Participation form. No student who has transferred after the above date may participate in school-affiliated athletic contests until cleared by the Appeals Committee.


The forms for the AAP are listed below:

1. AAP-1 high school – EL3 and EL3CH - all 6 pages
2. Physical (must be on the official EL2 form)
3. Medical release – 2 copies – each must be original signature and notarized
4. Payment of Fines Agreement
5. Media release
6. GA4 – ALL Athletes must complete - must be notarized
7. Proof of residency (provided by parent/guardian) Ex. A Current Utility Bill, original not a copy



Purchase insurance – - print out confirmation of purchase and include in packet or purchase a money order – made payable to School Insurance of Florida, fill out application and include with packet


Brandon Eagles Football Strength & Conditioning Program (weight room / practice field)

For Strength & Conditioning all players must have:

   * Black shorts
   * Plain white T-shirt (no printed material on chest or sleeves, no tank tops)
   * Athletic shoes with laces (no slides or flip-flops)
   * Socks (white, grey or black)
   * A hand towel
   * 1-gallon of drinking water (suggested but not required)
   * Personal music devices and head phones are not allowed 

Any player arriving late or not properly equipped will not be allowed to participate. 

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